What You See is What You Get. Create Your Own Reality

Perception truly does control reality. New beliefs and perceptions, over time, actually create new neural pathways, ultimately changing the physical make-up of your brain!

We live in a dream world. Before something can come to pass, it has to be desired. Emotions and thoughts become things. The end results are always summoned and deliberately created. There is no such thing as coincidence or accident. Thoughts are energy, and every thought is a vibration, either negative or positive. Thoughts travel quickly, especially now with the world being technologically connected. Our thoughts stay out there like Google archives.

The Law of Attraction is a theory based upon the premise that the needed resources are there, the individual just has to make positive efforts to utilize the resources effectively. Action must be taken, focusing on gaining what is wanted rather merely avoiding what is not wanted. At this point, according to the Law, people begin coming into your life, the right people, ones who are like-minded with similar wants who are willing and able to assist. The pooling of assets means one can go further faster with less effort.

Personal growth, however, cannot be delegated. It is the type of work you have to do for yourself. You are attracted to certain people and certain things. Trust that. We attract things into our lives even through our fears and insecurities. Do not have negative thoughts. Only focus and talk about what you DO want, NOT what you DON’T want. Fear, doubt and criticism will push away what you want. Be grateful, be abundant, ask, believe and then receive.

We make life hard, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s not about brain power but how you use your brain. What you need is already there, you just need to uncover it. We create through our chosen focus. Don’t worry about dreaming or temporarily losing focus. Let the process unfold naturally. We are transformers, always adding pieces to the puzzle. Get out of the comfort zone and don’t let fear stifle.

The pursuit of happiness is not selfishness. God is in a perpetual state of growth so development is the trait of the immortal. When one succeeds, we all succeed. Be thankful for what you have and don’t be afraid to ask for more, desiring expansion while remaining patient and perseverant.

Learn what you really love to do, and do it. What makes you happy? Painting, drawing, writing, reading, gardening? You know you are doing what God has called you to do, if you are happy. Follow your passion, and believe it’s possible. What you “think” you know or what others expect from you can get in the way of what is possible. If we all strive for the very same aspirations, then there will be no progress. Fortunately, we don’t all want the same things.  Fit into society without conforming to its expectations.

If we were all able to tune in to what we wanted, our civilization could truly shine. The thing that is easiest for you to do, requiring least effort, is THE thing for you to do. Be the thing you want, even before your goal is accomplished. Get used to the feeling of belonging, of knowing what it is like to be where you want to be. Act as if you are already there. Design your life’s pattern and have fun putting the pieces together.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7). 

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