Fact from Fiction-Accomplishing Your Mission

Develop a Goal-Orientation through The Creed of Conviction

Advantages to Goal-Setting

  • Provides direction, momentum & movement
  • Prevents stasis & stagnancy
  • Allows for the monitoring of progress
  • Breaks large complicated feats down into smaller more achievable tasks
  • Instills self-confidence & self-efficacy through attainable accomplishments

Becoming Goal-Focused

  • Be very clear about what it is you want accomplished in your life
  • Remember, we do not have dreams for which we do not have the capacity to create
  • Recognize the importance of flexibility

Hindsight’s Twenty/Twenty & Foresight’s Full of Plenty

Goals are concrete objectives, aims and targets. Goals have purposefulness and provide an end to a means. Dreams are abstract concepts and notions such as: thoughts, visions, images, ideas, delusions, nightmares, trances, hallucinations, fantasies, wishes, aspirations, hopes, ambitions or desires. Dreams are just the opposite of reality. However, all creations begin with a dream, and goals aid in keeping the creative process organized.

Have Faith & Believe in Your Own Capabilities

Trust that what you want will happen. Like with the navigation feature in cars, the desired destination is entered into the system, and the user trusts that GPS will guide them properly. The same scenario applies to goal-setting. We do not have to know exactly how to get to our desired state. We just begin, persevere, and allow intuition, faith and inspiration to guide our actions.

Think of what you want in terms of the end result. Don’t dwell upon the when or how. Think of it as already existing. Act, even though you don’t know what is going to bring it about. Have what you want first and then do something about it. Baby steps are fine. Pieces will start assembling. At this point, progress will provide motivation to continue.

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Visualize-use pictures to create an image of what you want your future to look like.
  • Forgive your shortcomings. Forgive others’ wrongdoings. Release of hurt leads to emotional freedom.
  • Get everything right in the small areas of life too. This prevents resignation. Fix all of life’s little irritations. Be a problem-solver & solution oriented.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. Mistakes provide the opportunity for learning, adaptation & advancement.
  • Do not become too rigid. Sometimes even the most well-thought out plan needs tweaking.
  • Give thanks to Heavenly Father for what you have & ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in planning your future.

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